Rymie is a Croconaw OC made by Zoe.


Rymie is an inventor, like Pikachu or Kleat. She can be quite harsh, but when the time calls for it, she can be a great ally. She also has shown sensitivity to others and can be hard on herself, as shown when she accidentally crashed the TransPotato 5000 into Possei, terrifying Gunner in the process.

RP HistoryEdit

She had a major role in the Minus World arc for BtP. She used her teleporter to join the group, only for the device to explode. Peach attempted to fix it, but rather caused the device to send them to the Minus World. She later teleported everyone back after fixing the device. She is set to appear in RPCRP2.


Rymie is on bad terms with Mr. Game and Watch, Peach, and Mario. She has a pretty neutral relationship with everyone else.

Trivia Edit

  • Her changes in moods are often shown in JavaScript, like so:
    • rymiesSelfEsteem -= Infinity;
    • rymiesAnger += 100;