Sabina Ursa is an OC created by Paigelena. She is the older sister of Teddy and the eldest known child of Caroline.



Sabina is a very caring individual who does things selflessly and for the benefit of others. She would rather make sure that Teddy is alive and well than if she was alive and well and, as a result, once died while sacrificing herself so that the, at the time, infant Teddy could survive. When she was revived by Nuasuada, Sabina also revealed that she would do anything to get the attention of somebody as seen when she kidnaps Ilia just to get Teddy's attention.


Sabina and Teddy's relationship took a long time to get going, especially as Sabina was revived via necromancy, which Teddy was strongly opposed to. He rejected her from his life and was going to isolate her initally until she told him that Nuasuada was not to blame for it. After this, Teddy accepted Sabina and begun to forge a relationship with her.

Sabina and Ilia are very close friends, to the point that they have each other's phone numbers. The two talk all the time and will often discuss shocking things that have happened around them. Sabina told Ilia about the Green Burst epidemic after her ears picked up Shade, who was shrunken by the epidemic, telling Teddy about it. The two are so close because of a secret that Queenie revealed to them both. They, along with Queenie, can fuse into Queenie's Phoenix form.


Sabina has a small range of powers that are not very diverse, but are incredibly specialized. Her powers are known as Spectral powers as they are all ghost related due to her 16 years in the afterlife before being revived. She is capable of fireballs, invisibility, teleportation, levitation and being able to go through objects.


  • Sabina is the first of Paigelena's OCs to be related to an OC created by HeroBlast
  • Sabina is a very conservative dresser, unlike many of Paigelena's OCs such as Ilia and Kiera
  • Sabina's name was chosen because Paigelena has a crush on another girl sharing the name
  • Sabina has hemophobia, not unlike Lucas.
  • Sabina has the best known hearing of any character, being able to hear blood flowing within other beings.

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