Scyora Six is a planet in the faraway Scyora System in the Andromeda Galaxy. It is the homeworld of Rhythmi Vilrevon and the Scyoran species.

Size and ConceptEdit

Scyora Six is similar to the size of Neptune, being about 1,700 miles larger in diameter. It has an orbit that takes approximately four Earth years to revolve around its star and it takes 72 hours to revolve once around its axis. It also is tilted 45 degrees on the axis, so the length of day and night is more pronounced. Each day is split into two 36 hour periods and the year is split into 18 months of 81 days with the last month of the year having an 82nd day every nine years to prevent the seasons going out of sync.

The people of the planet are all humanoids that can be any color of the rainbow and all possible blends of colors.


Scyora Six is made up of 6 continents of different sizes. 5 of the continents are made of two main states that are named after the color majority in that state and each continent is named by combining the color names of the two states. The order of the names in the combination was decided politically by the combined states by the governing organisation. The names of each continent and their states are as follows:

  1. Ored (Orangia and Rediz)
  2. Grellow (Yelloe and Greenora)
  3. Blite (Blacors and Whiteria)
  4. Brey (Bronion and Greynit)
  5. Prue (Purplis and Blutinda)
  6. Etallria (Neutral Lands. Planetery Defense and Government are based here.)

Species of ScyoransEdit

There are 2 main species of Scyorans, the Blacorites and the Whiterians. As these two species are black and white, it is stated that they led to the creation to all of the other sub species of Scyorans that now control the planet. Each subspecies is associated with a particular industry, but are not restricted to just that industry.

  1. Redians are known for being hunter/gatherers. 
  2. Orangites are known for science
  3. Yelloetes are known for medicine
  4. Greenorons are the military
  5. Blacorites and Whiterians are regarded as being holy sages and are asked for advice.
  6. Bronions happen to run the adult industries
  7. Greynites work in construction
  8. Purplisets are educators
  9. Blutindans don't specialize in anything

Irradiated ScyoransEdit

The Redians and Purplisets both possess some members that are able to emit either intrared or ultraviolet light. Of these, those who are known to emit intrared rays are known as Infras and those who emit ultraviolet light are known as Ultras. These two colorations are engaged in a cold war with each other. Rhythmi Vilrevon is an Infra.


  • The Planet and everything within it was conceptualized by Paigelena within two hours

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