Serena was a Staraptor OC created by Paigelena.

RP History

Serena made a large but minor role in Teddy's Journal as Paige's confidant and advisor. It was her who suggested that Paige enters the Fortress of Light to find the actual journal. She was also used as Paige's transport before departing.


Serena is a cocky and brash character who boasts about her own abilities just as much as she talks about her own skills. She is similar to Falco from Starfox as she likes to do things herself and disagrees with her teammates about just about anything.


Serena has stated that she can lift heavy loads with little problem. She can lift over a ton of weight and put it on her back. This was seen when Paige in her first suit flew on Serena with Serena having no problems. She also is an accomplished fighter, being able to hold her own against Pokemon with a type advantage on her, such as Rhyperior and Manetric. This skill makes her one of Paige's most valuable friends.


Serena has a strained relationship with Teddy. The two met briefly and immediately disliked each other as Serena was acting evil at the time. Serena wants to apologise for her actions, but is unable to find Teddy to attempt to reconsile with him.

Serena gets on well with Paige and K as she was their primary form of transportation as well as Paige's former confidant. She has not been seen in quite some time, though so their relationships are still shrouded in mystery.


Serena was killed during a battle in Light City when delivering Ilia to the group. She swooped low to drop Ilia down safely, but was struck and killed instantly by Bethany when her arrow pierced her heart.


  • Serena has green feathers on her head where her feathers should have been red
  • Her ability has been confirmed to be Reckless
  • Serena has made countless cameos in other RPs