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Mega lopunny by hotpinkdragon-d7u859b

Shade in her Mega Form.


Shade 'Twilight' Shara is a Lopunny that was introduced in an Unnamed RP. She is a talent scout that looks for singers and due to this, she was once Paige's manager. She has a black and grey colour scheme and is known for being down to Earth compared to others.


She is very calm most of the time but is lustful as well. She wants to have Teddy Ursa but as a son, not as a husband. This feeling means that she cannot share Teddy amongst the Order of Darkness due to her intense want of Teddy.

Shade is bisexual, but has never showed tendencies towards any females. She is permanently locked into her Mega Evolution, which makes her rather obsessive with things. She thinks about something and ends up doing it, regardless of the consequences.


Shade is relatively slow witted compared to others as she likes to fight and uses her brawn excessively. Because of this, she likes to partner up with Chelsea or Mercedes who assist her by thinking and creating efficient plans... something that Shade is very poor at because of her low intelligence

She is far bigger than a normal Lopunny as she stands at 8 feet tall, instead of three foot eleven. This gives her heightened powers and incredible agility that is unmatched by others of her species.


Shade used to be owned by Caroline Ursa, Teddy's Mother and was a Buneary at the time. During this time, she was known as Twilight.

When caught, it was revealed that she was excessively aggressive to unfamiliar humans and pokemon and, as a result, the Kiloude Council made Caroline release Shade, much to Shade's horror and sorrow.

When Shade met Teddy in a recent RP, she left the Order of Darkness and moved back to the Ursa House, here she resumed her old name of Twilight.


Shade has the habit of lifting and dropping her huge ears, which is something that she does subconsciously. She also likes to stroke Teddy's hair. As well as those, she sometimes kicks people gently on the face to ask for a pawrub.

Battling StatsEdit

Shade is a Mega Lopunny. Therefore, she is expected to be reckless in battle and to fight wth all her strength.

Shade's Battling Stats
Level 66
Nature Naughty


HP 182
Attack 270
Defense 149
Special Attack 96
Special Defense 136
Speed 245
Move 1 Frustration
Move 2 High Jump Kick
Move 3 Ice Punch
Move 4 Healing Wish


  • Shade's last name was made up for this article
  • Shade's paws can absorb living creatures.
  • She is a telepath
  • Shade's former name, Twilight was chosen by Paigelena because it was the first word to come to her mind