Overview Edit

Shinda Barkley is a Pokemon FC who is made by Blue. He is a Bayleef who has only appeared in Total Pokemon Island, as of now. He is 15 at the beginning of the timeline.

Personality Edit

Shinda Barkley tries to be super shy, but helpful. Under of that though is a super sadistic, rude, and conceited. He thinks he's the best at everything he does, and will do anything to reach his goal. Though, some had caught on to his act, but was too late. After season two, he became very unstable and nuts.

RP history Edit

He only appeared in Total Pokemon, in which he made it all the way to the final two in season two, but was eliminated first in the third season, in which his partner couldn't climb, and also called the host bad stuff.

At the end of Season two, he was eliminated because he went out of his way to injure other contestants. He crushed Sheebop, trapped Clarissa in a cave, and tried to choke Monty. Therefore, he was arrested, came back in season three, then after he was eliminated, he believes stuff that didn't happen to him, happened to him. He takes therapy classes now.

Blue most likely won't use him in the future.

Relationships Edit

Almost every who met Shinda hates him, and he hates them back. He even hates his partner in Season three. Clarissa and Sheebop probably hate them the most, since he said he 'loved' them, but backstabbed them and injured them. Even the hosts hate him, which is rare.

Trivia Edit

  • His real name is actually Dylan, based of the 'Dill plant'
  • His Birthday is May 24, making him a Gemini
  • His level is around 54 or higher, since he had learned Solar Beam in Season Two of TPI.

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