Spamspark is the headcanon name of the Pikachu from the Smash series, used by Zoe. He is 17 years old.

Due to being technically a canon character but otherwise being built from the ground up like an OC, he is classed as both.

Personality Edit

Spamspark is a mature voice of reason, and is more on the serious side. He has a leader sort of personality, and can come across as condescending, but really means well. However, he can be a bit dependent, despite his best efforts otherwise.

Relationships Edit

Spamspark's main relationship is with his little sister, Eliza. He is very protective of her, and if you mess with her outside of Smash battles, you're gonna live to regret it -- if you live at all. He also gets on well with Samus after the events of Subspace Emissary. As no one in the Pokecrew is currently playing her, there are no further details at this time.

RP History Edit

Spamspark has yet to appear in an RP.

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