This article is under construction. It is in the process of expansion, and is by no means finished.Steal Sword is a fictional character created by HeroBlast. He is one of Vanessa's newest apprentices in the League of Lust.

Background Edit

Not much is currently known about Steal Sword other than the fact that he is an apprentice of the Charm Queen, Vanessa Eris, and brags of being Denland's greatest thief.

Powers, Skills, and Abilities. Edit

In his initial battle with the Order of Light Apprentices, Steal Sword has shown skill as a swordsman and incredible agility and athleticism.

History Edit

Steal Sword first appears in Teddy Ursa's Black Ops Inc. as one of the League of Lust apprentices that attack Dodeca, Caroline, and the apprentices of the Order of Light, alongside with String, Psycho Child, and Vanessa herself. It took the combined efforts of Zula and Angelo to defeat him. After being defeated, he flees with his allies.

Trivia Edit

  • Steal Sword is the first male OC to be a full-time member of the League of Lust.

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