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String is a villainess OC created by HeroBlast and a new member of the League of Lust. She is one of Vanessa's newest apprentices and a second generation character.


String is one of Vanessa's newest apprentices. She is a string-themed villainess and as such, is a master of all string and rope-based weaponry. Not much of her seems to be known, other than the fact that she is a confident combatant in the face of battle and a competent brawler against the apprentices. It is unknown when she joined the League of Lust.

Weapons, Powers, and AbilitiesEdit

String is a master of string and rope weaponry, as such, she possess a whip that she uses in combat, which she wields to deadly effect, being able to even knock projectiles out of the air. She also uses bolas in combat, weapons thrown at opponents to ensnare them. She is also shown to be especially tough, capable of shrugging off injuries such as being crushed by an air pressure attack from Loren.

RP HistoryEdit

String first appears in Teddy Ursa's Black Ops Inc. as one of the new League of Lust apprentices that attack the Order of Light. She also appears in Teddy Ursa's Black Ops Inc Origins, where it is revealed before joining the League of Lust, String was once a circus actor-in-training as Hilga Milaana Jr under the guidance of her mother. She also meets Teddy in the circus and one fateful night, the circus was forced to disband after members went missing proceeding a fire. After living in the orphanage, she was found by Vanessa and taken in to the League of Lust, forced to do evil deeds while hoping to use their resources to find the circus members who went missing.

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