Substimi is a Fakemon created by Zoe.

It does not evolve into or from any other Pokemon.

Biology Edit

It has an uncanny, heavily theorized about resemblance to a Substitute doll. It rarely strikes first, but will retaliate if hit.

It can live almost anywhere, although it has an odd preference for areas in which Psychic Pokemon live.

Pokedex data Edit

Its resemblance to a Substitute doll is uncanny and heavily theorized about. It has an unusual preference for living near Psychic types.

Origin Edit

It is based on a Substitute doll.

Its name derives from Substitute and mimic (it mimics a Substitute).

Its preference for living near Psychic types was inspired by the fact that in Generation 2, Substitute wasn't a TM, thus making it the signature move of Mr. Mime, a Psychic type.