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Svetlana is an OC created by Sencake. She is hasn't made any RP appearances as of yet.

Overview Edit

Svetlana is a young Persian. Though she can be paranoid, she is also quite mature, and tries to handle situations in the best way possible. Mediation is her strong suit, and she is good at helping others see both sides of an issue. You will often hear her take action during arguments, and thus is known for her abilities to resolve arguments. Though rarely provoked, in battle she uses her ability, Technician, to power up all of her known moves, which are Water Pulse, Swift, and Hidden Power (Ghost). She also knows Nasty Plot, which further boosts her strength.

RP History Edit

Svetlana's most recent appearance was in Total Pokémon Island, holding a major role as a contestant in Season 2. She acted a lot less introverted, as she is known to do these days. It's not known if she will make a return in later seasons, though she was well liked amongst fans.

Relationships Edit

Though she hasn't built a stable one with him yet, Svetlana met Flamber for a brief moment during TPI. This was during the Season 2 finale, when he came to meet Sheebop, who he had not yet known in the canon. Throughout Season Two of TPI, Svetlana became acquainted with Sheebop, as they were on the same team.

Trivia Edit

  • Svetlana speaks with a Ukrainian accent.
  • In other canons she has shown to be chronically depressed, or very irritable.
  • In a short RP, Svet, Flamber, and Pikachu blew up a Staryubucks.

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