This RP has yet to be started, so not much info is available yet. When it starts, more info will be added.

Swarma's Training is an upcoming RP to be created by Paigelena. It is the sequel to Swarma's Fate. It focuses on Swarma's training in darkness after being indoctrinated by Vanessa, Death Shira and Naibuko.

Story ArcsEdit

This RP will be relevently short, as there will only be four arcs. The first two are interwined.

  • Dark Swarm- Dark Swarma appears with the indoctrinated Swarma and begins to train her counterpart in the ways of shadow magic. Swarma ends up absorbing Dark Swarma, becoming evil in her own right.
  • Ilia's Championship- Ilia has reached the final of the Kalos League Championship. Between her and the championship is one man. Tobias. Will Ilia's water pokemon defeat Tobias' legendary pokemon? 
  • Attack on Vanessa's Palace- The Order of Light, in an attempt to rescue Swarma, begin to work out a plan to raid Vanessa's Palace, where Swarma and Paige are both being held.
  • Swarma Rises- After the failed raid, Swarma begins to really feel her power increase. In an act of defiance, Swarma turns the entire Order of Darkness (And Paige but not Mercedes) into either sentinent dolls or she'll shrink them. She then proceeds to go on the warpath with the world.