This article is under construction. It is in the process of expansion, and is by no means finished. This page is for the character that appears in Era of Courage. If you are looking for the same character that appears in Destinies Intertwined, click here.

Intro Edit

This is the version of Teddy Ursa as he appears in Era of Courage Timeline. He is an OC created by HeroBlast and the first to debut in the timeline. The stories are centered around his different ages, but his teenage identity is the primary focus on most occasions. Teddy Ursa was taken to the Shira Realms by an unknown force. There, he discovers that he is actually a hybrid of a human, and a member of the semi demonic or anthropomorphic people of the Shira Realms, the Shirans. He then becomes a citizen of Shira's realm after defeating Mizer Prometheus.

Personality Edit

Across his variations, Teddy generally has a calm demeanor, staying discrete in even awkward scenarios. He also possesses a strong sense of justice, but despite that, he's willing to give second chances (which most of his enemies usually waste, causing Teddy to leap into further action). He also possesses a loving heart, but does get naive at times, and can get very hurt if betrayed. He's also not afraid to take a neutral side, which will be shown later.

Pokemon Edit

To be decided.

Abilities Edit

After Teddy gains access to his mother's mask, he can use it to transform into his more impressive Shiran Form, this form grants Teddy extra skeletal arms, bony armor, and strangely, becomes attractive to Shiran females. Across all versions, he possesses inter dimensional awareness, enabling him to sense presences across the physical realm.

Relationships Edit

To be determined.

RP History Edit

To be determined.

Alternate Variations Edit

Pre-Shiran Teddy: The version of Teddy before becoming a Shiran. Usually appears as Kid Teddy and is unaware of his awareness.

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