Overview Edit

The gems are parasite-like villains created by Blue, with ideas from Laki and Sen. They were first introduced in Murder She Sang, with Stella being a host by a red gem. They are all nasty beings, with the intent of creating destruction in the world, simply being evil, like most parasites. Any host it gets, it makes that host evil, with the intent of causing destruction.

Types of Gems Edit

There is nine types of Gems in the world, one already being destroyed.

Weakest--Red Gem Edit

Green Gem Edit

Orange Gem Edit

Purple Gem Edit

Pink Gem Edit

Yellow Gem Edit

White Gem Edit

Blue Gem Edit

Strongest--Black Gem Edit

Powers Edit

The Gems are mysterious beings(If they can even be called that.) They can grant you a power, and the more the gem controls the host, the more powerful the gem becomes. Slowly, the user's actual body isn't even in control, and the gem is in full control. When in control, they have special being that morphs with the host. However, their forms are currently unknown as of now.

Hosts Edit

Red Gem: Stella. The Red gem was super powerful, as it was destroyed before it even reached full potential. However, it had made the host want to commit suicide.

Green Gem: N/A

Orange Gem: N/A

Purple Gem: N/A

Pink Gem: It was in Hine's possesion, however, she wasn't stupid enough to fall for its tricks. However, during her reign, she had called up an old friend and had sent the Pink gem over in hopes to spread out her control.

Yellow Gem: Yanilet currently owns this gem, and uses it to shape shift into whatever she wants. It's unknown how she even got this gem, but its implied she sought out for it herself.

White Gem: N/A

Blue Gem: N/A

Black Gem: N/A

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