The Raynbow Engine is an RP created by HeroBlast and with him and Laki participating. The Raynbow Engine serves to create a point where Raynbow and Teddy canonically meet in the timeline.

What Happened Edit

The Raynbow Engine is a short RP that doesn't have story arcs. The plot starts with Dodeca put to sleep magically and Teddy had to watch the world in her stead. While watching the world, Teddy was summoned to the wastelands of the Order of Light territory by Raynbow. Raynbow wanted to test Teddy's strength by sending him to an alternate world. Eventually, Teddy learns that Raynbow intended for him to live with her, but first, had to defeat evil witches that had conquered the town they had come to. Eventually, Teddy encountered alternate versions of Darkella, Shira, and Dodeca. He doesn't fight them, but instead, warns them that Raynbow had set foot into the dimension and that they should plot against her. An alternate version of Teddy then arrives, saying that Teddy is in over his head if he thought he could defeat Raynbow, who is quite literally all-powerful. Teddy then goes onto an ill-fated battle with the goddess-like being, but upon seeing his bravery, Raynbow spares Teddy.

Aftermath Edit

Teddy holds the knowledge that one day, Raynbow will return for him, so he gains more motivation than ever to be with the ones he loves.

Trivia Edit

  • Raynbow didn't make her formal debut in this RP, but in RRP. The Raynbow Engine serves for when she appears in the timeline.
  • This RP has a rare sight of Teddy voluntarily leaving the Fortress alone.

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