The Reality TV Branch is one of the many branches of the Destinies Intertwined Timeline. It consists of TPI, or Total Pokemon Island, and its six seasons. It mainly features comedy and isn't plot-driven, because no one really knows what happens the next day. This branch tends to feature PokeOCs. With Season one and two being back to back, with the other seasons having a one-year time gap.

RPs Edit

Season One Edit

Season one of TPI introduced characters like Lucy, Sesu, Flamber, and Clarissa. It featured Drake, a Raichu, as the host for the first few 'episodes', but due to Monty attacking him, he was replaced with Mavis, a Delcatty. It featured 10 contestants, with the winner being Flamber, and runner-up Tohru.

Season Two Edit

Season one of TPI introduced characters like Sheebop, Mimi, and Svetlana. Mavis returned for the season as the hostess, but during the Drake Arc, Drake returned and demanded ownership of the island, and nearly killed Monty and Mavis, until Mavis asked for a deal, and Drake returned as the host for a few episodes, and caused many contestants eliminated. He was later overthrown by the contestants, until it was revealed it was Celine who was controlling him. Later, Shinda crushed Sheebop, and trapped Clarissa. They later got revenge. The finalists were Shinda and Sally, Shinda won the challenge, but was disqualified because of his actions.

Season Three Edit

The third season of TPI was race season, having them travel to Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos in teams of two. It introduced us characters like Shiruru and Lunatyr. Favianne, a Swanna, was the host. The season is currently in progress.

Season Four Edit

Season Five Edit

Season Six Edit


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