Toxic Paige is an OC created by HeroBlast, but used by Paigelena.


Toxic Paige seems to be like any other Gardevoir, with the exception of the fact that she is purple and black instead of green and white. Unlike Paige, she does not have a robotic suit and will not need one.

She sounds absolutely identical to Paige and is exactly her height as qwll.


Toxic Paige is outgoing and very likely to wind up using her powers to make people fall genuinely in love with her. She also has a love of dancing and will sometimes lose all control and begin breakdancing wherever she is for an extended period of time. When this happens in combat, the dance moves create pink shots of energy that stun foes.

Toxic Paige is still very kind and unlike Paige, does not ever fight unless struck first, at which point, she would violently lash out. This kindness be her undoing as she would not spring to the defence of her allies unless she is struck.


Toxic Paige was going to be created by Mizer after the real Paige's death as a way of keeping the Destiny family going. She'll see him as her love interest, which will not be reciprocated. The idea can still be used, despite Paige having been reborn twice since the character was conceptualized.

Shockingly, Toxic Paige will not remember any of the real Paige's relationships at all and essentially will be a clean slate for Mizer to write upon. Xander will meet Toxic Paige and, thinking that she is Paige, will hug her, much to Toxic Paige's disgust.

Theme MusicEdit

Toxic Paige's theme music is A New World from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It is a gentle song that reflects Toxic Paige's form perfectly.


  • Toxic Paige is based off of Poison and Elena from the Final Fight and Street Fighter series respectively with a little hint of Juri added in.
  • Toxic Paigewill have a technical difficulties sign that has her staring at the viewer in a creepy manner.

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