Toxin is a human-spider hybrid OC created by Paigelena.


Toxin is a rather large, human-spider hybrid, simple as that. She is a jealous woman who wants to have Teddy in her possession. However, she just wants to shield him from the other Teddynappers that exist... like Shade or Vanessa. However, she wants to reproduce constantly... as only her young are able to keep her full up for long periods of time.

Natural AbilitiesEdit

Toxin is extremely poisonous with 7 kinds of poison stored within her body. Some are simply paralyzing poisons that are not lethal while another can be able to cause almost instant death.

She also has prodigual strength, being able to crush a boulder more than 20 times her size with her legs. She also can hold Teddy down with her one non poisonous leg with absolutely no effort... even though she weighs about 700 pounds.


Toxin was created by Stephanie as part of her line of experiments to create the perfect super soldier. However, Toxin was deemed a failure when it was discovered that she can't escape a giant jar. When this was discovered, Toxin was abandoned by Stephanie and sent out into the world, expecting to be killed soon after. Stephanie now wants to recapture Toxin in order to amplify the potency of her seven poisons to epidemic levels. Basically, she wants to make Toxin's poisons be able to go airborne.

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