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Tylia is Zoe's Fakemon region, currently very incomplete. It marks the debut of the Sound type.

Geography Edit

Tylia is a region currently unplaced in the PokeEarth, although Zoe is considering putting it pretty far from the other regions. It is overall a pretty hot region.

League Edit

The Pokemon League is present, just like in any other region.

Gyms Edit

  1. Sonar (Sound)
  2. Passion (Fire)
  3. Seti (Ground)
  4. April (Grass)
  5. Isaac (Ice)
  6. Pokira (Fighting)
  7. Keniti (Psychic)
  8. Blax (Dark)

Elite 4 and Champion Edit

  • Elite 4 member 1: Alexis (Fairy)
  • Elite 4 member 2: Stanley (Steel)
  • Elite 4 member 3: Harley (Rock)
  • Elite 4 member 4: Sherry (Poison)
  • Champion: Jojo

Trivia Edit

  • Stanley and Harley are brothers.
  • Each gym's type is super effective on the type of the gym before it.

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