Hosted by the writer who's RPs has only declined in quality since Second Secret War, comes the next chapter in an extremely bland branch of the Destinies Intertwined Timeline...

The Darkella Saga

Watch as Teddy Ursa cheats on his girlfriend (again) with a parasite, gets kidnapped (again) by said parasite, and get... Wait... Banished by his girlfriend? That's new. Sit through action scenes that are actually kind of bland, comedy relief, a convoluted time-travel plot that turned out to have no time travel at all, and possibly the most disappointing climax in HeroBlast's history.

Meet Darkella, who doesn't actually play as much of a central role as Teddy does, having the spotlight stolen from her in the whole RP, as she seduces Teddy under her venomous will (again), possesses him, trains an apprentice, and gets very little actual combat in the process. And... well, there's not much else to be honest. As the Order gains new recruits in Jason and Della and battles the succubus that brings Teddy into the spotlight, watch as Teddy's granddaughter from the future come to warn Dodeca, only for her to not actually be his granddaughter and actually... it's complicated.

Then watch as Darkella takes in the pyromancer, Marie, an uncertain and innocent girl dragged into her evil. Then storm the castle, torture the apprentices, then get beaten in one punch.

Then be forced to endure a dragged out outro of just Della including her mother in the Order!


Miley Cyrus (Darkella)

Teddy Urk-sa

Lucina (Zula)

Again, Not a Strawberry (Strawbella)

Shy Wind Mage (Loren)

MEDIC! (Tifani)

Michealangelo (Angelo)

Saitama (Dodeca)

Mother of Teddy Urk-sa (Caroline)

That One Chick From Sky High (Della)

Giant Guitar Pick (Jason)

Mick and Molly (Sire and Mimi)

Renet Tilley (Darkella III)


Also Teddy Urk-sa (Mizer)

Abandonment Issues (Screech)

Moody Teen Fire Queen (Marie)


HB's Lowest Point

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