From the host who was still making a rather awkward transition into the PokeCrew canon at the time, comes an RP where a lot of the elements were retconed out of existence.

Teddy's Journal

Join Teddy Ursa as he starts a romance with the centuries-old Dodeca in what will be joked to be a pedophilic relationship and battle Paige, the second member of his 12+ harem that is trying to start a bestial relationship with him... No taste in women whatsoever.

Join the epitomous knight as he and his friends deperately defend the RP's Macguffin as Paige attempts to steal it in order to obtain the knowledge of doomsday weapons, legendary Pokemon, and all of the weaknesses of his friends and enemies... which he somehow just happens to have already included the Apprentices and Dodeca.

After stealing the journal, watch as Paige singlehandedly makes Teddy her bitch and the Order temporarly recruit Vanessa in order to have a chance at defeating the Gardevoir, all after the most infamous Crap Past the Radar scene ever seen in a Miiverse RP, where Teddy fondles Dodeca's breasts to obtain dark magic powers.

Then watch the climactic battle that had large parts retconned out of existence. As Dodeca and her apprentices, as well as Vanessa recruit a scientist who helped make Paige who she was in order to reprogram her suit. After that get treated to Teddy being smothered by giant feet, turned into a cyborg, and then, turn into a Master Core rip off! Oh, and the latter was latter retconned out of existence.


Rising Porn Star (Teddy)

Bewbs (Dodeca)

How many times do we have to say she's not a strawberry? (Strawbella)

Blow Job (Loren)

MEDIC! (Tifani)

The one who fatally wounded Teddy, but never kills him. (Zula)

Lightsaber (Angelo)

Robo-Gardevoir (Paige)

A Cameo (Serena)

Master Core (Teddy's Core)

Ew! She's gonna touch me with her hair! (Vanessa)

Frankentein (...Okay, I may have forgotten her name.)


The Retconing.

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