Hosted by a writer who's just now getting his stuff together, comes one of the first Tie-In RPs in the PokeCrew History.

The Devious Conspiracy

Join the Commanding Officers of Team Xy as they discover that a Dark Halogen had infiltrated the ranks of the League of Fear, prompting General Xy and Mizer to embark on a quest to find the Halogen District of Earth and plea for the Halogens to end the looming threat of invasion, which starts slow, but gets better as it progresses. Read as the base of how Xy locks the two with a dead alien robot, Mizer spying on his general, Xstephane averted, and Stephanie having an alergic reaction to what turned out to be Halogenian cleaning products.

As they embark on adventure, watch as Foxie escapes the lab. Then Xy confronting Mikayla, a giant with knowledge on where the Halogen District is, but threatening to kill him. As an obligatory interference with his plan occurs, watch as Xy, in order to convince Mikayla of his power, dons a new identity... IRON MAN!!

Then meet Melvin, a Halogen with an embarrassing human name, and Theocracy, an incredibly unlikable heartless robot emissary. Then treat yourself to the first aerial dogfight which turns into an aerial deck battle on a Halogenian ship, which is actually kind of cool. Then watch as Xy is forced to fight Melvin's brother, Fascism, and with the help of Stephanie, does not kill him and instead, saves him from drowning... After Stephanie somehow survives a 50-foot dive with only her Amazonian physiology and being able to talk under water!

Then watch as Ra, the leader of the Halogens, evade everything Xy tries to inform him, seperates Melvin and Fascism, and destroy the invading Dark Halogen warship showing he was listening the whole time! Along with an obvious plot set-up and Xy returning to Teddy burning down the facility the came from in what could all be the first downer ending of HB's RPs.


Battletech (Xy)

The Vice President (Mizer)

The Head of the Science Department (Stephanie)

Red Lucario (Dark Aura)

Get a Flashlight and look up her skirt! (Mikayla)

Cameos (Foxie, Kaia, and Teddy)

Melvin's a girl's name

HK-47 (Theocracy)

Cyber Ninja (Fascism)

Bird Head (Ra)


Team Xy, Adventure of Xy.

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