There are times wherever Vanessa goes, she becomes a lasting impression on RPs, occasionally almost forms a cult following, but frequently seems to gain a life of her own. So I decided to see why others view her in addition to my own evaluations of what contributes to her ability to be so popular.

First in my observations are the few artists that have drawn her, they seem to enjoy drawing her for her alluring style in addition to the fact that she can animate her hair. I haven't gathered a lot of detail as to why, but they do have fun with her.

Next is her character, firstly, I built her type of evil to walk between evil (predacious, manipulative, and devious) and chaotic evil (Wild, destructive, and relentless). This combination seems to result in a villainess with a penchant for calculated destruction, psychological warfare, and as supported by her magic, and a fiendish trance master. Another notable factor is her sultry and manipulative personality that her magic seems to fit so well.

Ironically, one reason I created Vanessa was actually as a joke to make fun of Mary Sue characters. Think, her mesmeric charms rely on men falling in infatuation with her, she usually sports ankle length blue hair, and she always flaunts her looks (To occasionally a comical level). I don't really tell people this, but it seems to add to her character's appeal.

So now I'll ask, what do you think makes her so popular?

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