Read the title before you read this. This is mainly for Heroblast, because, uh, because reasons. :T

So Heroblast sorta kinda wants to do an RP with me. So, uh, first of all, I'm only a miiverse kind of guy, so I really can't do it anywhere else. Second, I'm the one who has to make the plot, according to him. I'm terrible at making plots, most of them are about toilet humor or simply my OCs. But I'll try, I guess, unless you can make one. One last thing. I want us to discuss it in some way, on this site, before we start. I honestly have moved on from you guys, but I guess we could still be friends.

Your also wondering how this all started. Simply put, in a few words, something called Ask Pikachu. You can ask Rad if you want to. :T

And that's it. Tons of storms and whatnot are coming to my area, so if I'm inactive, its probably due to that.

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