So basically I have changed.

Also, basically ever since Radicus got perma'd from miiverse, I've been thinking about something... did he deserve it?

I feel like he actually did, no offense. You see, Radicus kept posting bad stuff typo-ish to avoid the admins. But this isn't 2013, Rad, this is 2015, the admins are very smart. I have been extremely careful on my 3DS XL, and even more on my Wii U, to not get banned. And even if you know its not allowed, you post it anyway. You say your "new and improved", and I hope your right. One time I got a post deleted for saying "depressed" on my 2DS alt ( which I have now deleted ), and know its not allowed, and haven't said that word since. But I feel like you guys keep trying to get past the admins. Kids could see your posts. If you want to do this, you should go on another site, especially considering how most of you guys dislike the redesign anyway. I'm not hating on you guys, I just wanted to say this.

What have I been doing lately? Nothing much. Hope someday you guys will understand, but for now, I guess I'll just be that one other guy...

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