All of these Fakemon are from The creator of the site added a Creative Commons license to the Fakemon, so everyone is allowed to use them.

Here goes:

Cassidy the Caslot (

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (follows her whims, does what she wants)

Personality: She is self-centered, is a small bit prankster, and will do anything if she finds it enjoyable. She is extremely slow to make friends due to this nature, except with others similar to her. She appears unkind, but in actuality she has no malicious intentions and is just trying to please herself. She is quick to act, and can strike something no one else even knew was there. Although normally she keeps her composure, she isn't past letting her emotions get the better of her.

Other info: She is bi. She is terrified of thunder, but tries to keep it secret because she feels that it makes her seem like an idiot. She is friends with Blake due to his soft spot for cat Pokemon and their close moral alignments.

Blake the Coiffaire (

Alignment: Neutral Evil (does whatever he can get away with)

Personality: He is extremely manipulative, and uses his cuteness in his favor. He especially likes stealing whatever valuable trinkets they might have. He is extremely harsh and cold.

Other info: He has a soft spot for cat Pokemon, and is friends with Cassidy both because of the latter fact and because of their close moral alignments. He also wants to get close to Theseus due to their near identical personalities. And don't mistake him for a girl. It's for your own good.

Theseus the Bitemare (

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Personality: Similar to Blake, minus the stealing part.

Other info: Blake wants to get close to him due to their near-identical personalities, but Theseus won't let him.

Alice the Mephodil (

Alignment: Lawful Good (what you think when you think good)

Personality: She is extremely kind, cheery, and helpful. However, she is also extremely pessimistic, and tends to give up before even trying. She is very emotionally fragile.

Other info: She wears glasses, as she is extremely short-sighted.

Len the Maaphix (

Alignment: True Neutral (feels that neither good nor evil will be as good as neutral in the long run)

Personality: She is logical, often thinking about every path before proceeding. Rarely does she ever act on the spur of the moment, but when she does, it's because she has to.

Other info: She has a severe fear of heights.

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