Welcome!  Here, everyday I will say a fact or two about myself using the third person. Every set of facts will be in tens

  1. Paigelena is an atheist
  2. She is a supporter of Chelsea FC
  3. Despite being English, she has been to the Superbowl in 2013
  4. She is a fan of the Baltimore Ravens
  5. She is a uni student
  6. Her favorite food is Cherry Pie.
  7. She has no allergies
  8. She loves Cider
  9. She has two Patterdale Terriers called Doris and Tallulah.
  10. Paigelena has an IQ of 130.

  1. Paigelena's favorite video games are GTA V, Dead or Alive 5 (Legendary Bikinis!), Ultra Street Fighter IV and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.
  2. Paigelena's favorite color is purple
  3. Her least favorite is red
  4. Paigelena wears glasses.
  5. Paigelena has an interest in learning about other planets.
  6. She is never without a pair of black high heeled boots.
  7. Paigelena rarely sees her extended family
  8. She hasn't seen her dad in 2 years
  9. Paigelena is easy to anger
  10. She hates to exercise.
  1. Paigelena loves painting
  2. She is too lazy to paint
  3. She dislikes criticism
  4. She always has purple and gold painted fingernails

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