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  • PokeLaki21

    I'm making this post to share the very first Destinies Intertwined related animation! I've been working on this for quite some time and it's my very first full animated short, but I hope it's enjoyed.

    Taking place in a a parallel yet alternate universe to the Destinies Intertwined world, this exclusive short has quite a bit of Easter eggs hidden within it. I hope this paves the way for more animated material in the future.

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  • PokeLaki21

    As the timeline has grown more and more, it's been getting difficult to keep track of exactly where things go, so this page iswhere the order of RPs will be placed for convenience. Hope it helps!

    Note: The RPs are arranged by years. This will be ammended over time, as on the first edit I will not have each moment and RP readily typed out.

    Year One:

    TPI (1 and 2)

    Year Two:

    TPI (3)

    Year Three:

    K's Backstory/ Talios League Quest

    Year Four:

    The Search for K (Spring
    RPCRP (Summer)
    Second Secret War (Early Fall)
    Teddy's Trial
    PokeRP Saga/ Darius League Quest (Fall)
    Teddy's Journal
    Life of Ayane and Xander
    Rhodium and Merlee (Winter)

    Year Five:

    RPCRP2 (Summer)

    Year Six:

    Kiloude Takeover
    Darkella Saga Part One
    Darkella Saga Part Two
    TPI (4)
    RPWPBA/ The City of Hap…

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  • PokeLaki21

    Friend Code

    March 21, 2016 by PokeLaki21

    Just a quick little message!

    This is the code I use for Smash.

    4141 5908 1476

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  • PokeLaki21

    Hello all,

    I'd like to think of this as my first "Discussion" series in the Pokecrew, where certain things are examined. These are my interpretations, so they're not 100% right. Anyhow, today I will be discussing gender and gender conventions in the crew, espeically in regards to females. It will be broken down into sections.

    Feminism in the Order of Light?

     The Order of light is very known in the Crew, primarily due to its rather large cast and diverse situations. Not only this, but quite a large body of the cast is female. The Order seems to turn gender conventions on its head with its portrayals of females, most of them being portrayed as just as strong and physically capable as the men. Not only this, but even conventions in romance are s…

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  • PokeLaki21


    November 14, 2015 by PokeLaki21

    Just hopping on real quick to show some Flipnote animations that my friend helped me upload. I won't be able to do this often though.

    These are ROUGH, bare with me.


    That's where I'll post Flipnotes from now on. If you're interested keep an eye out!

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