I'm going to start doing this. Basically, every day after I'm pretty much done with my editing on the wiki, I will give a report on what I've done. Here's for today:

  • I added and deleted tags on articles. Deleted tags were overly specific and uneccessary.
  • I added explanations for most of the tag pages, and made them look orderly/official.
  • I made the PokeCrew Wiki homepage look a bit more official.
  • Finished Kleat's page, adding more to his "Appearance and personality" section, and adding two completely new ones!
  • Made a new Infobox for RPs.
  • Updated the Template Directory page.
  • Implemented the RP Infobox into the RPCRP page.
  • Added both Stub and Underconstruction Boxes to articles that needed them.
  • Corrected spelling/grammar mistakes throughout the wiki.

And that's the gist of what I've done! Of course, there were a few small things I did as well, but those don't matter all that much. c:

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