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  • SuperHedgehog03

    Out Of The Cage

    September 11, 2017 by SuperHedgehog03

    Amery, Callamond

    December 16

    Year 20XX

    3 days before Amery High School gets out for winter break

    Roger Seranson was a good friend of mine back then. He still is. I never thought he’d be anything except a very good artist. He certainly looks put me to shame. I was usually better in the writing department. I had always thought him and I would make a great comic team, with him doing the art and me doing the story.

    Shame things don't usually end up how they’re planned.

    Roger was a bit reclusive. He always made sure to follow every rule he was told to, which contrasted to the rebellious nature of most people I know. He never bothered to keep up with any of the trends started at my school, and he was clearly smart. These traits made him a favorite of …

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  • SuperHedgehog03

    Evan woke up early the next morning. The sun had hardly risen, and it was relatively cloudy. He wondered to himself why he was up so early. He looked around, and saw nothing to indicate he was being watched. He wondered if it was something he had heard, and waited for his ears to be awake enough to detect any noise.

    When this eventually happened, he heard what he assumed woke him up. It was an irritating high-pitched buzzing sound. He searched around for where the source of the buzzing was, and it seemed to get louder the closer he got to the forest. Now curious, he decided to enter the woods in order to find out what that mysterious buzzing noise was.

    As he’d thought, the noise got louder the further into the forest he went. It got really o…

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  • SuperHedgehog03

    A small breeze drifted through a forest. The brown leaves that had fallen from the trees littered the ground. The Sawsbucks lead their young towards their dens, as nightfall started. The Oddishes plucked themselves out of the ground,and the Cherrims closed up their petals as the sunlight faded. The night Pokemon awakened as they began their nightly activities. The forest was mostly silent.

    Luckily enough, you don’t have to listen to such a boring story as that. The silence was broken by a strange sound coming from a clearing, accompanied by a flash of light. It was our heroes, who had deviously escaped from the clutches of General Forvet in the last chapter. Truly, they were never in real danger, as they could have easily defeated his troop…

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  • SuperHedgehog03

    It was Wave.

    This is a very shocking twist, as you can tell by the fact that it was presented at the beginning of a chapter after the last chapter set up a cliffhanger, which was set up in just such a way that it could only be solved by a plot twist. It was clearly going to be an important character related to the story, or else there wouldn't have been a cliffhanger beforehand. And not only that, but the twist was related to the conflict of the character of Riley in this story, and was the key motivation for him. Although some of you may not recognize Wave, so I will inform you that she was a Piplup companion of Riley’s during RPCRP, and was chief cause of him being involved in this story. But now I’ve gone on for so long that you’ve likel…

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  • SuperHedgehog03

    The sun was setting on the windy afternoon. The woods had never been less lively. It was as if the whole forest knew that something was wrong. But nobody knew exactly why the forest was so glum. Nobody, not one. Except for two Pokemon. The two friends were not native to the forest. They were from a nearby town. They had come to this dreadful place because this was the last place that their friend, Oliver had been seen. As such, the woods were where he most likely would be. Unfortunately, they had gotten hopelessly lost.

    “What I don’t understand,” said one friend to the other, “Is why we had to go this deep into the woods when there was already a search party looking for him.” The other friend replied, “Yeah, but they’re not looking in this …

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