Me: Ask my OCs here! You can do ANY OC, and I'll edit accordingly for their answers!

EDIT: You can now dare them!!

Me: Okay, first questions: Frooommm Laaakiiii!

Amber, who do you main in Smash?

Locke, what is your all time favorite shipping?

Possei, what's the craziest prank you ever pulled?

Me: So guys!

Amber: I'm not sure. It WAS Mr. Game and Watch, but I restarted my thing so I could reunlock them becuase meh, and now I've mained Luigi, Ness, and Little Mac so far.

Locke: Zoe x Mr. Game and Watch, but the chances have gone much lower because Zoe admitted a crush on Luigi....! I'LL MAKE IT WORK!!!!

Possei: Is that even a question?!?!? Dream Catastrophe for SURE!

Me: That's all for today!

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