V is an Absol OC created by Paigelena.


V is a cruel, rather dominerring young woman who loves to assert her authority over anyone she can find, or feel out. She is rather sadistic as well, enjoying being in control of someone.


V is cruel, manipulate and is prone to jealousy. In fact, she can delibrately get herself captured so that she can target just one person.

RP HistoryEdit

V first appeared in the RP chatroom, dragging Ilia away on repeated occassions. For some reason, weveryone seems to refer to her as a hoe, despite the fact that she is just misunderstood. She also appeared during Green Burst, rescuing Ilia from Diantha, but then joining in on tormenting the girl. She then went to the Fortress to continue tormenting Ilia and is found by Dodeca . For some odd reason, Dodeca lets this go ahead, as long as V gives Ilia over when she's done something wrong.


V is blind and is completely missing any eyes. In fact, you can see her brain through her eye socket, though this is said to be able to suck the soul straight out of who ever is looking. She gets by this by having a highly developed sense of smell, being able to detect anyone by a single whiff of their natural scent and is able to dicipher a natural scent from perfume.

She also has highly attuned hearing, being able to hear the blood inside someone over three miles away. She uses this to detect where anyone is, even though she can't see them. There is o use hifding from V as she WILL come get you.

Methods of TormentEdit

V is not one to shy away from using her body to torment her foes. In fact, she enjoys shrinking then sitting on her enemies to either kill or torment them with the possible sight above them. Away from her lewd side, V uses her moveset to really cause pain to her enemies. She often freezes them solid or burns them with Flamethrower, often in that order.


  • V has the shortest name of any character, at one character long.
  • She was only created because Paigelena started using Skype.
    • V is the first pokemon known to be a macrophilliac.
  • V has received massive negative attention.

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