Victoria is a Scolipede OC created by Paigelena. She was the primary antagonist of the first part of Life of Ayane and Xander.

RP HistoryEdit

Victoria has only appeared in Life of Ayane and Xander so far. She appeared in the HonHon Forest, claiming a large clearing as her territory. She encountered the apprentices when they came to conduct a mission. She attacked them, unbirthing Angelo and killing Swarma outright before being defeated. She turned Angelo into a Venipede.


Victoria is almost like a Scolipede but with one difference. She has the ability to reverse the process of birth and send her target back into her body, to be reborn as a Venipede. As stated, she has done this to Angelo.


  • Victoria is double the size of a normal Scolipede
  • She is pink and black in color.
  • Her horns are shaped like hearts.

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