Violet is an OC created by HeroBlast. She is Vanessa's twin sister, who has been deceased for hundreds of years. Her ghost still returns occasionally, offering advice and giving messages.


Years ago in the timeline, possibly into the Roman Era, twin sisters, Vanessa and Violet Eris, would become apprentices in Dodeca's Order of Light. The musically gifted Vanessa would master harmonic magics and become very popular around the Order of Light territory. However, Violet began to struggle, her timid nature would prevent her from practicing swordsmanship and her fear would inhibit her focus from magic. It seemed like Violet wouldn't go far, until one morning, she found herself with purple eyes and an aura that absorbed light and darkness granting psychic abilities! Violet seemed to be in control of these dark magics as she would go on to be, possibly, Dodeca's first darkness wielding apprentice. Because she began to be out shined, Vanessa would become very jealous. Eventually, a woman who called herself Jezebel, appears when the twins are 18, and while Vanessa was alone and planning to regain her popularity. Jezebel promises to make Vanessa even stronger than Violet, seduced by Jezebel's promise of power, Vanessa would eagerly accept and leave the Order. Jezebel would later establish the occult League of Lust, naming herself Lust Queen and Vanessa, who had quickly grown just as strong, as the Charm Queen, the Lust Queen's second-in-command. Devastated at what Vanessa had become, Violet would secretly swear revenge against Jezebel. What would be known as the Three Hour Exodus would begin, where Violet takes on the League of Lust, kill Jezebel, and disperse the League in a mere three hours... Alone. Vanessa couldn't be purified, but when her death came at the age of 34 due to disease, Violet was able to rest in peace. In the modern era, nobody knows about the ethereal Violet. Is she a ghost? Is she an angel? Is she what's left over? What Teddy Ursa does know is that she is a kind of messenger, possibly for a very high power.


Not much is known about the personality of Violet's Ghost, if you could call her that. One can tell that she has a formal and benevolent air. Although, it is known that she can clearly hold a grudge.


Violet appears in many RPs, but only as a cameo. She appears in the Big Soldier, warning Kian of the dangers within Denland.


In design, Violet could easily be a palette swapped Vanessa.

She isn't the only OC in HeroBlast's cast to be dead since the beginning of the timeline, Maxis Ursa was also killed before the timeline.

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