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Virea Chi is a virus OC created by Paigelena. She is the sixth and final regular member of the Virea line.


Virea Chi is a rather selfish woman, who thinks of nothing else but her twin Zeta or their queen Omega. When with them, she is cheerful and is known for playing pranks on them or on several of Stephanie's Experiments.

However, she can be dead serious. When she is serious, she loses all emotion and becomes a merciless warrior with an apparant blood lust. She has no issues with killing people, as long as she can give their bodies to Omega to be consumed. She once nearly managed to feed K to Omega, but was stopped by Teddy

Deep down, Chi can be very gentle. She once had to sit on Teddy to stop his evil side from attacking and possibly killing K after Omega fled the scene.


Like the rest of the Virea line, Chi has magic within her. In her case, she has fire magic with an immunity to water magic. Since Chi was created last, she had no say on what her magic would be, as Stephanie was scraping the bottom of the barrel when creating her. She often uses her fire to prevent escape from unaware beings who wander into her territory.


Chi has been seen to be symbiotic with Zeta, her twin sister. The two spend most of their time together, practicing their magic or collecting sacrifices for their Queen. They are rarely apart, but they cry loudly if they are apart for two long. They need each other's company to survive for long. Despite this, the two are dead serious when they have a mission to do and will split up if the situation calls for it.

Chi loves Stephanie, having dedicated plenty of time and effort into helping Stephanie's projects and experiments. Stephanie sees Chi as the most sucessful of the Virea line and reciprocates her love entirely, going so far as to beginning a romantic relationship behind their professional one.


  • Despite only being 5'8" and rather thin, Chi weights about 900lbs.
    • This is due to a high body density
  • Chi's name is also the 22nd letter of the Greek Alphabet

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