Virea Gamma is a human/virus hybrid OC created by Paigelena. She is the first OC to be a virus.


Virea Gamma is a kindly young girl who likes to do everything with enthusiasm and without complaint. However, she sometimes seems to be too happy for her own good. 


Virea Gamma is capable of copying the powers of other people so that she can use them. Essentially, she assimilates powers like Seth from Street Fighter but she can only store 9 at a time. So far, she has been seen to learn shrinking and the ability to create light magic.


She has been seen to have a rivalry and even a fear of Swarma caused by discovering Swarma's shrinkie habits. However, she got over the fear by helping Dodeca punish her.

Virea and Stephanie do not get along. They used to, as Virea regarded Stephanie as her mama. However, Virea's eyes were opened to the fate that would have befallen her if she continued to be with Stephanie and joined the Order of Light to try to be as good as possible, but only after tricking Stephanie into letting her sleepover with Swarma.


Virea is an exceptional singer and has the wish to become a singer when she grows up. However, nobody is supporting her at the Order of Light to follow her dreams, much to Virea's sadness and rage.


  • Virea is a vegetarian
  • Virea is the first OC to be based on a being that isn't human, pokemon, mechanical or even a regular animal.
    • Despite this, due to her humanoid shape, she is considered to be at least a little human.
  • Virea's body is prone to growth spurts.

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