The World of Destinies Intertwined, is the main setting for the Destinies Intertwined Timeline. This fictional world contains all of the canon regions of PokeEarth as well as lands from other franchises, including the Mushroom Kingdom. All of the OCs reside in this world, some coming from different parts than others. 


The World of Destinies Intertwined is varied in landscape, containing several mountains, forests and islands. The areas to the east are where most of

Map of the main region of land that the RPs take place in.

the PokeEarth regions are found, including Kanto, Johto, Unova, Arlos, Darius, Kleat and Tylia. These areas are rather modernized regions, where Pokemon training is a popular activity. As one travels east, the more varied regions of land can be found, including the Mushroom Kingdom as well as the domain of the Order of Light. In these parts, a few areas are not as modernized and practition of magic becomes very common. However, one particular landmass stands between the PokeEarth regions and the Mushroom Kingdom. Having influence from both, it's common for characters of both franchises to co-mingle here, setting the stage for RPCRP and RPCRP2.


These are numbered on the map.

  1. The main setting of RPCRP. Shiruru's villa is located here, as well as her surrounding town. This region is known casually as "The Crossover Region"
  2. The Kalos region.
  3. Eastern Unova border
  4. Light City: This is the city surrounding the Fortress of Light. PTRPCRP2 starts near here, as it's close to the Fortress of Light.
  5. HonHon Forest, a large forest inhabited by small creatures known as Honlillians.
  6. The waterways leading to Sinnoh as well as the region of the PokeRP Saga.
  7. Fortress of Light
  8. Mount Wario
  9. Peach's Castle
  10. Star Hill
  11. Waterways that lead to the Hoenn region
  12.  Yoshi's Island
  13. Gateway to the other regions of PokeEarth.