Zoe is a member of the Pokecrew.

Pokecrew historyEdit

She first met Laki from a post that became an RP. Back then she was new to RPing.

It is unknown how they actually became friends, but they did.

When the Pokecrew was established, she was swift to join.

Relationship with the other PokeCrew membersEdit

She is best friends with Laki, and friends on a lesser level with the others, excluding HeroBlast, who she dislikes, and Paigelena, who she is on neutral terms with after a long period of being mortal enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • She has Asperger's Syndrome in real life.
  • She doesn't like using antagonist OCs very much, unless they don't mean wrong (like Possei). This is because she's bad at doing so without making them look like complete morons.
  • She likes originality, even going out of her way to make something at least partly unique. As such, she strongly opposes the use of Dark Duplicates.
  • She absolutely loves fried chicken.