Not to be confused with Zoe, the member.

Zoe is an OC made by the member by the same name.

Personality Edit

Zoe is a cheery girl, but is emotional and quick to take things personally.

Powers Edit

She can manipulate dreams or daydreams, and use them for communication, among other things. Even if she dies in the physical world, she can still contain herself in the Dream Void, as she is immortal there.

RP History Edit

She had a plot-driving role in the main part of Dream Catastrophe.

She appeared in BtP, helping guide everyone else in the Minus World arc with her surprising knowledge of glitches.

She had a plot driving role in a currently unnamed RP.

Current Location Edit

In the second arc of BtP, she left the group to reside in the Dream Void.

Trivia Edit

  • Her creator at first had a difficult time deciding on her power.
  • She is a Cancer, born on June 24. This trait is shared with her creator.