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Zorrsune is a 20 (19 at the start of the timeline) year old Zoroark made by Zoe.

Personality Edit

Zorrsune is quite optimistic. In any situation, he is sure he can find a way through.

RP History Edit

He appeared in BtP, being sent to the Minus World like most of Zoe's other OCs. He made a minor appearance in Dream Catastrophe visiting Iceo. His next major appearance is set to be RPCRP2.

Relationships Edit

Although he has quite a lot of friends, his friendship with Amber really stands out. In spite of the age difference, they are in a relationship.

Trivia Edit

  • Like Flamber, Zorrsune is much shorter than most members of his kind, standing at only 2'01 (most are 5'03)
  • He originally had a rivalry with Locke due to the latter's trolling him in Minecraft, but when he gave up on the trolling in favor of shipping, they mellowed out.
  • He is a Leo, born on July 25.
  • He is unaffected by spiciness, and really likes it. He also has a preference to using Flamethrower in battle. Both are a result of his father being an Infernape.